Massive Ram Mandir Rath Yatra in 48 US states and Canada

Massive Ram Mandir Rath Yatra: Vishwa Hindu Parishad America (VHPA) said on Thursday that Massive Ram Mandir Rath Yatra will be held in America and Canada.

This Massive Ram Mandir Rath Yatra will start in Chicago on 25th March 2024 of this month. It will pass through 48 US states and Canada and pass through more than 851 temples. 

According to ‘Vishva Hindu Parishad America’ (VHPA), the Massive Ram Mandir Rath Yatra will last for 60 days.

Massive Ram Mandir Rath Yatra Carrying Hindu Deities And Prasad

Massive Ram Mandir Rath Yatra invitation
Massive Ram Mandir Rath Yatra invitation card, image credit: vhp USA

According to the VHPA the trip will cover more than 8,000 miles (12,800 km) in sixty days across all 48 states.

VHPA General Secretary Amitabh Mittal said that special Prasad, Kalash and Prana Pratishtha and pujit akshat (sacred rice) of Ayodhya Ram Temple will be kept on the chariot. 

Along with this there will be idols of Lord Rama, Sitamula, Lakshman and Hanuman and more. It has been learned that on this occasion 150 temples will be visited in Canada.

The journey will end near Sugar Grove, Illinois on April 23, the day of Hanuman Jayanti. Tejal Shah of Hindu Temple Empowerment Council said that the main objective of this yatra is to bring awareness towards Hindu religion.

Tejal Shah of Hindu Temple Empowerment Council (HMEC)

It is very important for us and especially for our future generations to remain united and strong in the campaign to raise awareness and spread Hinduism around the world.

Tejal Shah

Volunteers of ‘Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh” based in America and Canada have supported this Massive Ram Mandir Rath Yatra. 

This is the first program in USA, which is being run by the Hindu community on such a large scale. This Ram Mandir Rath Yatra will cover all the small and big Hindu temples of USA.

As long as they have the physical space. We are going to visit every temple in the United States.

Tejal Shah

This Rath Yatra will include huge hoardings of the revered ‘Ram Janmabhoomi Temple’ in Ayodhya, and a long car rally. This Rath Yatra will make the people of Hindu society of western country aware.

Will make people aware of their religion and move them towards spirituality. The world witnessed the inauguration of the grand Ram Temple and hailed it as a civilizational step forward.

In this Rath Yatra, other facilities including accommodation, food, easy darshan and traffic arrangements will be provided to the devotees.

Ram temple was Praan Pratishtha in Ayodhya on 22 January

Let me tell you that the consecration of the Ram temple, which was awaited for more than 500 years, took place on 22 January. This was a matter of pride for the nation.

This temple was built by the just decision of SC. Let me tell you that the target is to complete the construction of all three floors of Ram temple in Ayodhya by December this year.

In the next 18 months, apart from the wall of the temple, the construction of Sheshavtar Temple and Saptarishi Temple will be completed.

Every day 1.25 to 1.5 lakh devotees are coming to see Ramlala. From 22 January to 23 March 2024, more than 1 crore 12 lakh devotees had darshan of Lord Ramlala.

The number of devotees has increased rapidly for the darshan of Ramlala. Let me tell you that Surya Abhishek of Ramlala will happen only after two years on Ram Navami.

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